Bioshock für Playstation 3: Blu-ray brachte kaum Unterschiede

Melissa Miller, ’senior producer‘ bei 2K Games, hat gegenüber bestätigt, dass Blu-ray kaum einen großen Unterschied ausgemacht hat. Bioshock hat auf eine Xbox 360 – DVD gepasst, mehr Platz war nicht notwendig. Hier das orginal Zitat:

When asked if the Blu-ray format had provided any advantages to the development team, Miller replied: „In terms of specific things, it hasn’t made much difference. The original game fit on a 360 disk so it wasn’t like we were in need of room. We’ve tried to do what we can to make sure that the PS3 looks just as great as the 360, but in terms of necessarily utilising something specific about Blu-ray, to my knowledge, Blu-ray hasn’t necessarily made a huge difference.“